Care Tips

The following helpful tips and reminders can prolong the life of your ZEKOU's products and will ensure the final food product is at its best in texture and flavor:



Ideal for straight cuts of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.

Always use on a wood or plastic cutting board. Avoid cutting on marble, stone, glass, plates, or tile.



Rinse & wipe (rinse in warm water or gently hand wash using mild detergent in warm water or wipe clean with a damp cloth)


Use care when storing and removing the knife from a knife block to avoid tip damage.


Store the knife in a conventional knife block or other stable environment after use to prevent accidents caused by the knife sitting in a sink, etc., where it could be damaged



v DO NOT drop the knife on hard surfaces as this can cause the blade to break

v DO NOT use to cut frozen foods, bones or fish bones.

v DO NOT turn the blade on its side to smash garlic or other items

v DO NOT twist the knife during the cutting process.

v DO NOT scarp hard surfaces.

v DO NOT wash the knife in a dishwasher machine



Ceramic starts out sharper and stays sharper longer. There may have micro nicks on the blade’s edge after using for quite some times. This is the normal process by which any hard material blade will dull. The existence of microchips does not mean the knife is dull; it keeps performing well for quite some time despite of its appearance.



Ceramic knives rarely need to be re-sharpened. They can only be sharpened with a diamond Sharpener.